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Who are you, exactly?

A loaded question! In short, I am a teacher, performer, and not a website designer. But here’s the fact based answer: I go by Katie Rebich, sometimes Lady Katie. I’m based in Hillsborough, North Carolina, USA. I am co-artistic director of StoryUp!, an aerial storytelling company. If you’d like to label what I do, I’m a teaching artist. I have experience as a formal classroom teacher (PreK-12) and as a professional performer. I love the 90’s, going to the grocery store late at night, and knock knock jokes.


What is your teaching style?

It is not educational buzzwords and jargon, though I do think they are fun to toss about! I believe in the emotional intelligence of children and following their lead as they discover their curiosities. I value play as an important part of learning. My focus is on social emotional learning, and not teaching strictly for interim or summative assessment. I have knowledge of state standards and curriculum, and do take these into consideration when crafting arts integration for schools. When teaching a recreational program, my goal is for the participants to enjoy themselves, have confidence in what they are doing, and create a positive culture for the community to exist within. 


What is your teaching experience?

I’ve taught at a public high school, after school programs, summer camps, and a preschool since I started formally teaching in 2009. Most content matter is circus, theater, literacy, or fencing based. 


What are performance skills that I can pay you for?

Check out the "Hire Her" page for more information!


What are your rates?

Check out the "Hire Her" page for more information!


You mentioned StoryUp! Is that a separate thing?

It is! I teach and perform a lot as an individual, but also have a company, StoryUp! We specifically do aerial storytelling shows aligned with state curriculum standards for elementary schools and public libraries. You can check out more about what we do here: 


Word on the street is that you are the Bird?

Happily guilty of that! Lady Katie is the Bird at times. You can find out more about the Bird by clicking here. If you’re interested in larger than life puppets, you can check out the company I work for, Paperhand Puppet Intervention, by clicking here. If you’re still confused, I’m sorry. I’m a performance artist for a reason, not a writer, or a website designer in case you forgot. 


Wow! That’s a lot of talent! How did you learn all that stuff?!

I went to circus school. My formal circus training was in Chicago, IL at Aloft Circus Arts as a part of their Full Time Training Program. My classmates and I trained for 30-40 hours a week in a variety of disciplines. I majored in rope ladder (a self designed apparatus) and minored in stilt dance. I didn’t fall in love with clown until further down the road. While I have taken many intensives throughout North America in clown, the majority of my training is with Dody DiSanto of The Center for Movement Theatre in Washington, D.C. 


Um, Did you say, “clown”? I don’t like clowns.

SAME. The kind of clowns you don’t like, I also don’t like. Lots of facepaint, big wigs, and invading your space- I’m not into it. My clown style can be categorized as more contemporary. I sometimes wear a red nose as a type of tiny mask. But mostly, I clown as an excuse to play. When I clown at events, it’s to interact with patrons to make them laugh in a non-confrontational way. My clown enjoys being the biggest idiot in the room and the punchline to the joke. 


Can I pick your brain about teaching and/or performance?

Check out the "Hire Her" page for more information!

Can you summarize your artistic voice?

YES! I am so happy to have words for it! Tiny nothings. A train of quiet commuters and one child singing at the top of their lungs. A pair of glittery lips in a crowd of frowns. Connecting with a stranger over your mutual love of jewelry made of teeth. These whimsical, fleeting moments that are special because they only happen if you look hard enough, and are almost too fast to capture on a phone. I strive to bring this sense of play into all of the work I do. Unless you hire me for a serious corporate fundraiser. I’ll behave. Mostly.


Where all have you performed and taught?

I’ve been fortunate enough to travel and live in a handful of places. Some of which include Chicago, the Balkans, Spain, the UK, and Hong Kong. Classes ranged from recreational youth programs to adults. Give a shout if you want names dropped. I am currently teaching classes at the JCC in Durham. 


What’s the oddest performance you have ever done?

Hands down the oddest and one of the most fun- Back up dancer/goth cheerleader for Weird Al Yankovic “Alpocalypse” tour, 2011. 


You casually threw in “fencing” up above. What’s that about?

Before I found circus, I was a competitive Division 1 NCAA athlete for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as a foil fencer. I’ve coached on a recreational level and competed at a national level. While I no longer compete, I am still involved with the community. So if you want to know how to stab people safely, just give me a ring! 


While this has been very informational, how can I ask you more questions?

Let’s go wild, my friend! You can contact me here for a chat.

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